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Get a $20 Gift Card When You Attend a Demo.

Connect with Your Customers by Offering Rewards They’ll Love,

All with digital gift cards

New Customer Acquisition

  • Sign-up Bonus

    Earn bonus points that can be redeemed for gift cards upon registration

  • Referral Rewards

    Encourage word-of-mouth promotion and social sharing

Customer Engagement

  • For Upselling

    Incentivize upselling and encourage customers to make additional purchases

  • For Retention

    Prevent lapsed policies and retain customers for renewals or continued service

  • For Appreciation

    Promote company advocacy

Sending Happiness Is Just a Click Away with Toasty

Easy, simple, and intuitive Toasty self-serve solution.
Toasty makes your recipients happier and your life easier.

order management page on Toasty Dashboard with Amazon gift card order details

Send and manage rewards all in one place

Place orders, add funds, manage recipients, and track order history seamlessly.

  • Toasty Choice Card

    Toasty Choice Card - Let Recipients Choose

  • branded Card

    Branded Gift Card

  • Prepaid Card

    Prepaid Visa & MasterCard

  • Premade Designs

    Premade Designs

  • Track & Monitor

    Track & Monitor

  • Intuitive Funds Management

    Intuitive Funds Management

  • Budget-saving option

    Budget-saving Option

  • Order Revision & Refund

    Order Revision & Refund

  • Reporting


  • Customization

    Free Customization

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