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Get a $20 Gift Card When You Attend a Demo.

Toasty Automatically Credits 70% of Unredeemed Funds.

With Toasty, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is being maximized and your customers are being incentivized to take action.

Group of employees discussing marketing strategies
  • Do you work in sales & marketing?
  • Are you a researcher?
  • Do you need to drive customer action?
  • Are you preparing for a customer campaign?
  • You’ve decided to use gift cards?

Get more out of
Toasty with refund program

Exceeding Your Expectations

  • Survey incentives

    Survey incentives

  • Customer loyalty and advocacy

    Customer loyalty and advocacy

  • Sales promotions and incentives

    Sales promotions and incentives

  • Increase event attendance

    Increase event attendance

  • Generate leads

    Generate leads

  • Online reviews incentives

    Online reviews incentives

  • Trial or demo participation

    Trial or demo participation

  • Boost conversion rates

    Boost conversion rates

  • Social media contests and giveaways

    Social media contests and giveaways


  • 1

    Place an order as you would with any order

  • 2

    Before checkout,
    select the Refund Option checkbox

  • 3

    Rewards sent

  • 4

    Reward(s) expires and 70% of unredeemed funds are automatically credited back to your account.

  • Process


    Once rewards expire, Toasty will notify you the number of gift cards and the total amount that was unredeemed. 70% of unredeemed funds will be credited back to your account.

    Example: A $100 reward goes unredeemed and expires.
    1. The $100 will be credited to your account.
    2. There will be an immediate deduction of a $30 unclaimed-value fee.
    3. A total of $70 in unredeemed value will be credited to your account.

  • Resending before expiration date

    Resending before expiration date

    You can resend rewards as many times as you need through Toasty’s portal before they expire. Please note that the original expiration date remains unchanged.

  • Resending after expiration date

    Resending after expiration date

    Once rewards have expired and the unredeemed funds have been credited back, resending is not available. In such cases, you would need to place a new order.

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