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All with digital gift cards

  • Gift with purchase

    # Gift with purchase

  • Drive Customer Referrals

    # Drive Customer Referrals

  • Survey participation

    # Survey participation

  • Participation Rewards

    # Participation Rewards

  • Generate Traffic

    # Generate Traffic

  • Demo requests

    # Demo requests

  • Service sign-ups

    # Service sign-ups

  • Reviews

    # Reviews

  • Build Loyalty

    # Build Loyalty

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With so many brands to choose from,
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Toasty Self-serve Portal Solution

Easy, simple, and intuitive Toasty self-serve solution.
Toasty makes your recipients happier and your life easier.

  • Toasty Choice Card

    Toasty Choice Card - Let Recipients Choose

  • branded Card

    Branded Gift Card

  • Prepaid Card

    Prepaid Visa & MasterCard

  • Premade Designs

    Premade Designs

  • Track & Monitor

    Track & Monitor

  • Intuitive Funds Management

    Intuitive Funds Management

  • Budget-saving option

    Budget-saving Option

  • Order Revision & Refund

    Order Revision & Refund

  • Reporting


  • Customization

    Free Customization

  • Step 1

    Prefund account according to budget

  • Step 2

    Choose between Toasty Choice Card and Branded card

  • Step 3

    Recipient quick entry or Upload Spreadsheet

  • Step 4

    Personalize message and send!

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