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Get a $20 Gift Card When You Attend a Demo.

Experience the Joy Yourself

See for yourself what it’s like to receive a Branded Gift Card

Amazon gift card

Branded Gift Card

Senders choose a specific brand they wish to send.
For sample orders, an Amazon gift card will be sent.

order management page on Toasty Dashboard with Amazon gift card order details
Branded Gift Card page on Toasty dashboard

Toasty Dashboard

Simplify Your Task

From adding funds to tracking order history,
Toasty Dashboard is designed to boost productivity and simplify your tasks.

  • 1 Sign up for your account for free
  • 2 Invite your team members and assign different roles as needed
  • 3 Coordinate sending schedules
  • 4 Keep track of your account balance
  • 5 Efficiently manage your order history
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