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Toasty’s Gift Card API

Integrate gift cards directly into your app or platform.
Unlock the full potential of rewards and incentives,
and transform your digital landscape with Toasty’s gift card API.

Free, versatile, and effortless.
Our API is built for business.

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    Completely Free to Use

    Gain unlimited access to our robust API without worrying about budget constraints. We enable businesses of all sizes to enhance their reward and incentive programs.

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    Seamless Integration for Maximum Convenience

    With a focus on simplicity, our gift card API provides effortless integration, wherever you need it. With comprehensive documentation and step-by-step guides, you can have our API up and running in no time.

  • Toasty Choice Card

    Endless Options

    Our API offers access to thousands of popular brands. This flexibility not only enhances the gifting experience but also ensures higher satisfaction and engagement from your recipients.

How our gift card API can work for you

  • Unlock our extensive catalog featuring over 30,000 top brands, complete with detailed descriptions and step-by-step instructions.

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  • Gain visibility into payment history, order history, and delivery updates.

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  • Easily reward and incentivize your recipients with our quick and user-friendly service.

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Elevate Your Business
with Gift Card Solutions

  • No subscription fee

    Employee Recognition

    Reward hard work and milestones, boosting morale and satisfaction.

  • Streamlined Order Management System

    Customer Loyalty

    Offer gift cards for purchases, referrals, and long-term commitment, enhancing retention.

  • Refund option

    Market Research

    Incentivize survey and focus group participation, increasing response rates.

  • Bulk order made easy

    Sales Incentives

    Motivate your sales team to meet targets and exceed goals.

  • Free Customization

    Client Appreciation

    Show gratitude to clients with gift cards, strengthening relationships.

  • Instant Delivery

    Event Promotions

    Use gift cards as prizes and incentives at events to boost engagement.

Ready to take the first step towards better reward and incentive? Let’s chat.