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Coworker going away gifts that resonate

Parting ways with a coworker is more than a simple goodbye; with Toasty Choice Card, turn a farewell into a meaningful gesture that resonates.

  • Toasty Choice Card redemption email with coworker going away gift card design displayed on a mobile device
    Step 1

    Choose a reward amount for each recipient

  • Redemption page for Toasty Choice Card on a mobile device where users can select their preferred gift card options
    Step 2

    Recipients receive a reward email containing a link to access their rewards

  • Adidas gift card redeemed from a Toasty Choice Card on a mobile device
    Step 3

    Finally, the moment they've been waiting for - it's time to indulge in the rewards! Experience the ultimate freedom and flexibility with Toasty Choice Card.

Frequently asked questions

Toasty Choice Card is a gift card that offers choice unlike traditional single-branded gift cards. Recipients have the freedom to select their preferred brands from hundreds of different options. This flexibility ensures a more personalized reward experience, eliminating the usual guesswork.

No, Toasty is free to sign up. There is no subscription fee or minimum commitment required.

The only costs are when you place an order with Toasty.

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