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Get a $20 Gift Card When You Attend a Demo.
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Bulk Gift Card Rewards Made Simple

Send personalized gift cards in bulk within minutes.

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Try Sending a Sample Choice Card

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With so many options available,
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  • Let recipients pick the brand they want

    You decide the reward amount and they pick the brand.

  • Refund on unredeemed cards

    Toasty gives your funds back on unredeemed rewards.

  • Send rewards in bulk

    Send rewards in bulk simply by uploading a spreadsheet.

  • Completely free to use

    The only costs are when you place an order with Toasty.

Brand Options Available with a Toasty Choice Card

Toasty is actually easy to use.
Get started without the learning curve.

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  • No sign-up fees, No subscription
  • Rebate on unredeemed cards
  • Real-time reporting
  • 400+ gift card brands
  • Toasty Choice Card
  • volume-based discounts
  • Free to use
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